OSSA Piggy Back Tour

The OSSA Executive is launching a new event for the 2019 skeet season.  Leveraging the increase in popularity of 200 bird events, we will host a season long 5×200 bird HAA Tour to be held concurrently with the 200 bird events across Ontario.  There will be no cost for the entry for this tour (aside from the entry fees for the individual events that you enter). It will be called the OSSA Piggy Back Tour.


  • 1000 targets (200 each of 12ga, 20ga, 28ga, .410 and Doubles).
  • Targets must be shot at any of the listed Ontario 200 target events.
  • Beginning of year HAA Average/Class will be used. New shooters (at the beginning of the year) will be classified on the total of 1000 targets shot.
  • The first 200 shot at any club will count for the challenge. If for any reason a shooter cannot complete one of the required gauges they will be allowed to make up 1 event, and only 1 event only at the Ontario Open. It will consist of 100 prelim (shot Friday before doubles) combined with your Main Event score.
  • Prizes for The 1000 bird challenge will be supplied by the OSSA and announced at the 2019 AGM.  Awards will be presented to Champion and 1st in each class AA thru D at the Ontario Provincial Championship the following year.

The following is a list of shoots that qualify.

12 G; Barrie -May 11, Oshawa – May 25, HAHA – June 1-2, Knotty Pine – July 12- 14

20 G; Waterford – April 28, Barrie – Sept. 7-8

28 G; Uxbridge – May 4

410 bore; Barrie – June 14-15, Orillia .410 Marathon -May 20 (1st 200 targets only count for league)

Doubles; Orillia September 14-15

If any clubs are interested in hosting another 28G or Doubles event, to offer some more options to our Ontario Shooters, that would be very much appreciated.  If you are interested in participating in the Piggy Back Tour, please make sure you put some of these dates in your calendar of events!